10" Shower Waterfall Scupper - Brushed Stainless Steel

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Enhance your shower experience with the natural feel of being under your very own private waterfall.  The 10" shower Sutton in stainless steel provides you with a sheet of water projecting from it's minimal lip pouring water down.  The shower Sutton's clean lines and styling makes it the perfect addition to high-end showers of all designs.

The shower Sutton waterfall is handcrafted from marine-grade stainless steel that is brushed finished.  Internally, there are baffles to ensure that water sheeting is the best it can be and drain reliefs to allow all water to run out when shut off.

Specifically made from interior applications, predominately showers and sinks, the shower version of Sutton model is engineered with a top tank to ensure that water is not contained inside the unit when shut off.  This is necessary because using a normal water feature spillway in a shower or sink would retain water in it's bottom mounted tank, giving the risk of leakage or mold growth.

Note: Our stainless steel products are made from high quality materials with corrosion resistance processes. These products may require maintenance in harsh chemical environments, such as pools to keep them looking like new. In comparison to our competitors products made from inferior and without proper processes, our products maintenance intervals will be less often.


- Sutton 10" Shower Waterfall Scupper - Brushed Stainless Steel
- Heavy gauge 316 Stainless Steel Construction
- Inlet: 3/4" FPT on bottom (Available in British Standard Pipe (BSPP), Please Inquire)

- Dimensions: 10" W x 5.5" D x 2.5" H
- Flow Requirements: 8.4 - 16.6 GPM
- Finishes: Brushed Stainless (Available in Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass, Black Powdercoat & Custom Colors)



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