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Water Spouts, Scupper and Spillways for Pools, Fountains, and Ponds

Majestic Water Spouts prides itself on manufacturing and retail sales of high-quality water feature products for pools, fountains, and ponds.  Our products are manufactured at our facilities in the USA from thicker materials, assembled with more durable construction methods than cheaper alternatives found from other resellers.

No matter if your style is contemporary, modern, or classical, we carry 100’s of products to alleviate the stress of having to shop around for your perfect water spout, scupper, or spillway.  We offer products in finishes including marine-grade stainless steel, copper, patina enhanced copper, brass and powder coated finishes.

All our metal products are built to the highest standards from quality locally sourced materials.  Our stainless steel water spouts, scuppers and spillways for pools and fountains are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which has greater corrosion resistance than the inferior but less expensive 304 variant.  Our copper products are real copper, not a coating that will fade and flake with time.  Powder coated products are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel then finished with a UV-resistant powder coat.

Our ABS plastic sheer descent style products are made from thicker and more durable materials than those imported products that end up problematic within a year or less!

No matter the water feature product you choose from Majestic Water Spouts, we’re so sure it’s the best that we back it with our limited lifetime craftsmanship guarantee.  That’s peace of mind worth paying for!

Tips for Selecting a Water Spout, Scupper or Spillway

Selecting the ideal water spout, scupper or spillway for your product may be challenging with so many options from many different suppliers.  At Majestic Water Spouts, we have a diverse customer base that seeks the best looking, longest lasting, and most affordable water feature products.  On average, customers purchase quantities in odd amounts of 3,5 or 7 when the product is 8” - 12” in width or less.  Our products suit both large and small pools, fountains, and ponds above 12” in width, including products up to 96” in length!

For the purposes of choosing a quantity and size of water spout that you desire for your fountain, pool, or pond project, we recommend you cut the profile of our product in paper or cardboard and taping them onto your water feature wall or something of similar size, this provides an idea of the sizing of the water feature products in comparison to your project.

A critical concern of proper water feature performance is plumbing and water volume available.  If you’re renovating an existing water feature it is imperative that water volume is measured to ensure that there is sufficient water flow for the products desired.  This can be achieved by timing a 5-gallon bucket fill and doing the math to get to gallons per minute.

Material selection may be a style choice, but the maintenance intervals should as well always be considered.  Stainless Steel is stainless, not StainFREE.  Surface rust may develop on all stainless products and will need to be maintained for a rust-free finish.  Copper will patina with time with shades of brown, black, green, and blue.  We offer copper products with patina finish to accelerate the patina effect in a certain color direction.

Majestic Water Spouts also offer spillways for waterways that spill from an upper water basin (a hot tub in a pool normally) into a lower basin.  Pool builders build these spa-to-pool spillways from stone or tile usually to cut costs.  This can lead to less than desirable hard water stains and maintenance.  The stainless steel and copper spa-to-pool spillways we offer sheet water away from your pool or fountain walls, creating a better-looking water feature with less maintenance.

Installation Tips for your Majestic Water Spout Products

Majestic Water Spouts does not provide full instructions for installing our products into your pool, fountain, or pond water feature due to the various applications of our products.  Normally, we find our customers are installing our water feature products into concrete block walls.  When installing our product into a concrete block wall, an opening should saw cut first and a support structure for the span of the opening installed.  While our water feature products are built to support some weight, they cannot support concrete block walls.  From there our products are plumbed from the rear or bottom and mortared in for support.  Final touches are facing your wall with travertine, tile, stacked stone or whatever fits your project's appearance!

After your water feature wall is complete, you’ll need to decide on a water feature pump for your new water spouts, scuppers, or spillways.  Generally, for our sheeting products we recommend 10-20GPM per linear foot of our product.  This measurement is at the spillway itself, not including losses from plumbing length, plumbing size, or height the water must travel.  Water pumps for water fountains usually include instructions presenting a chart of the water flow at a certain head height.  This is very useful in selecting the most appropriate pump.

Plumbing our water spouts, scupper and spillways can be tricky to find the best routing, splitting, and sizing.  Many of our products have multiple inlets to aid in producing an appealing water sheet.  These products must be plumbed in a tree format for water to flow evenly to all inlets.  We also recommend that all inlets have their own control valve to adjust for inconsistencies in water flow that may affect the performance of our water spouts, scuppers, and spillways.

Many of our customers are building DIY fountains and need “How to” advice and while we cannot build your water feature for you, we are happy to do the most to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

Why Choose Majestic Water Spouts?

At Majestic Water Spouts, we stock most of our products found online, providing for a shorter lead time than many of our competitors.  This becomes a great advantage when you need water spouts, scupper or spillways in a timely manner and cannot wait weeks or months for production of them.

We also offer custom production and modification services to our existing products or designs you prefer.  Our prices and lead times are generally better than our competition, while our quality remains the same as our standard products.

Customer service and communication with customers throughout the ordering and custom design process is something that we pride ourselves on.  We are happy to field your questions, concerns or check on your custom order always.

We’re also much more than just water spouts, scuppers, and spillways at Majestic Water Spouts.  We offer roof scuppers for parapet roofs, designer drain covers for showers, sinks and tubs along with many other metal and plastic products!  Check out our products online or give us a call if you see something you’re interested in us manufacturing for you!