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Water Fountain Spouts & Scuppers to enhance the beauty of your Landscaping Project

At Majestic Water Spouts, we look to bring you high-quality, diverse styles and appealing water spouts, scuppers & spillways for your next landscaping design project or pool build.  Our water fountain spouts, pool scuppers & spillways add that special little touch to make a good residential or commercial landscaping project look great.

Quality starts at the beginning of creating each and every one of our fountain spout, scupper or spillway.  First, 316 marine-grade stainless steel or copper is precision laser cut, then hand folded and TIG welded to ensure a long lasting product.  Many of our water spouts are powdercoated as another layer of protection from harsh outdoor environments.  We offer several color options with custom colors and raw water spouts are available upon request.

Our scuppers and spillways ranging from 6" to 36" make your pool build or renovation shine.  Affordable scuppers and spillways, manufactured from stainless steel, copper & ABS plastic are incorporated into near every pool build these days.

We offer bulk and wholesale discounts on our spouts, scuppers & spillways to Contractors, Wholesalers, Nurseries, Fountain Installers and Landscape Designers.  Please inquire on our Contact Us page for more details about these discounts or to make a bulk order.