8" Rectangle Roof Drainage Scupper - Stainless Steel

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Add roof scuppers to your residential or commercial flat-roof property build for that extra pop in design.  Our Eaton 2" x 8" rectangular drainage roof scuppers are the finishing touch to your high-end build with timeless design and upscale aesthetics.  Subtle in size and style, the craftsmanship of the Eaton roof drainage scuppers in stainless steel present themselves well within all architectural styles.  

Manufactured in the USA from premium materials, our roof scuppers are a step above the rest.  Rather than thin stainless steel or galvanized materials, our roof scuppers are made from thicker 16 gauge marine-grade stainless steel.  Our roof drainage scuppers are fully welded, not spot welded or seamed, making them much more durable and simple to install.  The front lip on the Eaton 2" x 8" roof drainage scupper keeps water well away from walls and adds to the style of the product.

*** Available in corner and overflow configurations, custom lengths, and with roof grates.  Please call us at 888-702-2558 for more information. ***

Note: Our stainless steel products are made from high quality materials with corrosion resistance processes. These products may require maintenance in harsh chemical environments, such as pools to keep them looking like new. In comparison to our competitors products made from inferior and without proper processes, our products maintenance intervals will be less often.


-  Eaton 2" x 8" Rectangular Roof Drainage Scupper
- 16 Gauge 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Fully hand welded with integrated lip to project water
- Dimensions: 8" W x 9" D x 2" H
- Finish:  Brushed Stainless Steel (Available in Copper, Brass or Powder Coat Colors) 

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