8" Smooth Water Waterfall Spillway - Stainless Steel

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The 8" Sutton is the perfect compliment to your new or remodeled water feature.  It's slender appearance when installed and simple styling makes for elegance while maintaining functionality.  The 8" model of the sutton waterfall spillway covers the gap where affordable plastic sheer descents will not do a water feature justice.  Seen alone in simple small fountains or in multiples across larger water feature walls, the 8" stainless steel Sutton is sure to impress!

Manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel with added corrosion resistance from our military-spec chemical treatment, the Sutton provides you years of elegance and grace.  Internal baffles ensure that the water flows into a perfect sheet minimizing splash and maximizing appeal.

For those who are on a tighter budget, we also offer smooth water spillways in ABS plastic.  Please visit our products page to find these products and others that might spark your interest.

Note: Our stainless steel products are made from high quality materials with corrosion resistance processes. These products may require maintenance in harsh chemical environments, such as pools to keep them looking like new. In comparison to our competitors products made from inferior and without proper processes, our products maintenance intervals will be less often.


- Sutton 8" Smooth Water Waterfall Spillway
- Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
- Military-Spec Corrosion Resistant Chemical Treatment
- Dual internal baffles smooth turbulence and promote sheeting of water over spill edge
- Bonding/Grounding provisions provided in case of use in swimming pool application
- Flow Rate: 225 - 600 GPH
- Inlet: 1 1/2" FNPT on Back (Available in British Standard Pipe (BSPP), Please Inquire)
- Dimensions: 8" W x 4.75 D x 2.75" H
- Finish:  Brushed Stainless Steel (Available in Brushed Copper, Brushed Brass or Powder Coat Colors) 

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