24" x 10" Square Splash Guard - Stainless Steel

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Does your fountain splash water all over your patio and guests?  Don't sacrifice your stylish rock filled basin for something ugly when you can simply add these beautiful splash guards and keep your rocks!  

Splash guards work by catching water underneath their screen material eliminating 90% or more of the splash common with fountains.  Now you can save the space of having a huge basin to catch splash.

Engineered to be superior to the rest, our splash guards as made from Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel including the screen material.  They are chemically dipped to prevent corrosion and sure to stand the test of time.  The bottom stand is scalloped to release the water that the splash guard catches and release it into your basin fast to avoid pump starvation.

Note: Our stainless steel products are made from high quality materials with corrosion resistance processes. These products may require maintenance in harsh chemical environments, such as pools to keep them looking like new. In comparison to our competitors products made from inferior and without proper processes, our products maintenance intervals will be less often.


-  24" x 10" Square Fountain Splash Guard
- 316 Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Construction
- Military-Spec Corrosion Resistant Chemical Treatment
- Scalloped base releases water fast
- Dimensions: 24" W x 10" D x 1" H
- Finish:  Brushed Stainless Steel (Available in Copper or Brass) 

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