Pool Fan Aerator - Brass

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The dog will never eat your Aerator again!  Upgrading your pool aerator fan from cheap plastic to our solid brass machined product will also make your pool look much more upscale.  Made to be be the last aerator you'll ever have to purchase, our expert engineers and craftsmans use CNC machines to precisely cut and drill the perfect aerator.

Instantly add a beautiful water feature to any pool, or plumbed outlet with our heavy duty brass constructed aerator option.  Even if you do not have an existing plumbed aerator outlet in your pool, we've seek several people use PVC piping and this solid metal aerator fan to make an old pool do new tricks. 

These aerators are also useful for other applications outside of pools such as fountains, gardens, industrial cooling, brewing, and many other places where a controlled fan of water is necessary.

To keep your pool cool, this is the perfect tool!

Note:  Brass is a natural material and will age to a dark brown with time.


- DeAngelo Pool Fan Aerator Pools, Spas and Fountains
- 100% Brass Construction, perfect replacement for plastic
- Simple Design with No Moving Parts
- Flow Rate: 100 GPH - 375 GPH
- Inlet: 3/4" MNPT
- Dimensions: 1.375" W x 2" D x 1.375" H
- Finishes: Finished Brass

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