2" Water Spout Mask - Copper Style


Update your pool or fountain spouts with the Gallant 2" square water spout mask in copper style!  The timeless design and style of the Gallant water spout mask gives your fountain or pool an instant makeover.  Easy for the installer working on a renovation project, our mask water spout products offer an open back design that mounts easily where new plumbing and demo are not ideal.  Place a single Gallant 2" square water spout mask in copper in your garden fountain or several to accent your pool wall.

Offered in a plumbed model as well, this 2" square water feature mask allows for easy installation in existing construction allowing for less time to place.  The provided bolts are used for support, normally glued into a masonry wall, or may be removed if not necessary.  A back-drip baffle ensures that standing water in spout does not disturb sealant.  

Manufactured in the USA from marine-grade stainless steel, then powdercoated with UV-resistant colors, these spouts are built to last.  The baffle inside the spout hides the unsightly inlet and plumbing, plus ensures water exits the spout pleasantly.  

Note:  This product is manufactured from stainless steel with a copper-style powdercoated finish.  This finish will not naturally patina and change colors as real copper material would.  Returns of this product for replacement in real copper are subject to our refund policy.


- Gallant 2" Square Water Fountain Spout Mask
- 316 Stainless Steel Construction
- Spray baffle to ensure laminar flow of water
- Flow Rate: 100 GPH - 300 GPH
- Projection: 6" - 8" at 24" Height & 140 GPH, 10" - 12" at 24" Height & 220 GPH
- Inlet: 1 1/2" Wide x 1 3/4" Tall Opening (Fits up to 1" PVC)
- Dimensions: 4" W x 4" D x 4" H
- Finishes:  Copper Metallic Powdercoat (Available in Silver Metallic, Textured Rust & Custom Colors) 

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