1" Water Fountain Spout - Copper


Give your fountain the character it deserves with our 1" Keegan copper water fountain spout.  As one of our best selling products, the Keegan line of copper water fountain spout provides your landscape with the tranquil sound of running water while blending well into most architectural styles.  Seen as a single spout in smaller fountains or in multiples in larger fountains, the 1" Keegan copper water fountain spout provides your landscape with an extra touch of elegance.

Natural copper products, such as the Keegan, may patina over time showing colors dark as black, but often greens and blues.  If this long-term effect is not desired, we offer copper powdercoated stainless steel products in similar form, or regular cleaning can keep the product looking shiny.

The Keegan protrudes 6.5" from a copper connector and does not ingrate any baffling for maximum control of flow.  The front edge of the Keegan is cut at 30 degrees and finished smooth to channel water into a simple stream.  Brush finished, the copper Keegan water fountain spout is a finished piece, not just a piece of pipe exiting a wall.


- Keegan 1" Round Water Fountain Spout
- 100% Copper Construction
- Straight through design allows differing waterfall effects
- Flow Rate: 20 GPH - 250 GPH
- Projection: 6" - 8" at 24" Height & 140 GPH, 10" - 12" at 24" Height & 420 GPH
- Inlet: 1" MNPT
- Dimensions: 1" W x 8.25" D x 1" H
- Finishes: Brushed Copper


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