24" Curved Spa/Fountain Spillway - Copper


Enhance the aesthetics of your spillway in your spa/pool or fountain with our curved copper 24" Lombardi spillway.  It's simple styling and fine finish provides your spillway with modern appeal and functional performance.  Made for both new built or remodeled spas, pools or fountains, the Lombardi spa-to-pool-curved spillway in copper is sure to impress your customers or guests!

Manufactured in the USA from high-quality pure copper, these spa-to-pool or fountain spillways are brush finished to fit the most elegant landscapes.  The front edge features a lip that aids in sheeting water away from your wall and coping, avoiding water stains and build-up.

Copper will patina naturally to darker brown and black colors with accents in green/blue, but we also offer patina finishes to accelerate this process.

**** Available in Custom Sizes if this does not perfectly suit your requirements.  Call us at 888-702-2558 for more details. ****

*** Orders placed with Patina application are considered custom orders and may not be returned or refund per our custom order policy. ***


- 24" Lombardi Spa to Pool & Water Feature Curved Spillway
- 100% Copper Construction
- Tapered Drip Edge to sheet water and avoid drip back
- Dimensions: 24" W(Front) x 12.5" D x 3" H (Outside Diameter is 9')
- Finish: Brushed (Available in Stainless Steel, Brass, Powder coated Colors)

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