8" Waterfall Spillway - Copper


Enjoy the subtle sound of rushing water and the beauty of a sheet of water falling gracefully into your fountain or pool.  The 8" copper Nakano is an open top spillway with a minimal lip to show off the copper finish and patina with time.  The Nakano copper spillway is similar to a sheer descent, but water will not project as far form the wall.  Please your clients or friends today with a elegant fountain or pool featuring one or multiple copper Nakano waterfall spillways!

Constructed of premium materials by craftsmen in the USA, the Nakano copper spillway is superior to it's imported counterparts.  Manufactured using thick 13 gauge copper for the lip, the Nakano in copper is a sound piece of hardware that will stand the test of time.  Specially engineered baffling inside the tank ensure a laminar sheet of water and less noise and splash.  The front lip lets water gently fall off the products lip, while keeping water from running down the wall when on or being turned off.

*** Patina finishes are hand applied by our in-house expert craftsman.  Due to variation in materials and applicator, this finish may have variances in sheen, color, depth and/or pattern.  We do not guarantee this patina finish will match other copper products.  Orders placed with patina finish are considered custom orders and may not be returned or refund per our custom order policy. ***


- Nakano 8" Waterfall Spillway
- 100% Copper Construction
- Dual internal baffles smooth turbulence and promote sheeting of water over spill edge
- Bonding/Grounding provisions provided in case of use in swimming pool application
- Flow Rate: 300 - 800 GPH
- Projection: 6" - 8" at 24" Height & 450 GPH, 10" - 12" at 24" Height & 750 GPH
- Inlet: 1" FPT on Bottom of Unit
- Dimensions: 8" W x 5" D x 3.125" H
- Finish: Brushed Copper (Available in Stainless Steel and Powdercoated Finishes)

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