3" Round Water Spout Mask - Copper Style


The Regazzoni water spout exudes timeless style while also modernizing your design. Often found in more traditionally styled-homes, these water spouts work well as pool or fountain water features. The open-cut top is elegant while still being subtle in design, while water flows effortlessly off the edge of the Regazzoni mask into your basin or pool.

This 3" round water feature spout is bold at 10" long with a 4" escutcheon plate and an internal baffle to ensure less spray and a graceful exit for the water that flows through it.

Our water feature masks are an ideal product for our customers with pools, spas and fountains that are remodeling or updating style. They are fixed to a masonry wall via gluing the bolts on the rear of the unit into the wall while sealing around the spout with silicone to ensure no dripping around the spout. This makes updating a water feature significantly easier than re-plumbing and replacing finishes such as tile.

Handcrafted in the USA of Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel, we've selected the best materials and employed expert craftsman to ensure we deliver you a quality product. Powdercoating is Pool and Spa chemical resistant.

Note:  This product is manufactured from stainless steel with a copper-style powdercoated finish.  This finish will not naturally patina and change colors as real copper material would.  Returns of this product for replacement in real copper are subject to our refund policy.


- Regazzoni 3” Round Water Fountain Spout Mask
- 316 Stainless Steel Construction
- Spray baffle to ensure laminar flow of water
- (2) 1/4"-20 2.5" Length Grounding/Attachment Bolts on Rear 
- Flow Rate: 125 GPH - 800 GPH
- Projection: 7" - 9" at 24" Height & 450 GPH, 11" - 13" at 24" Height & 750 GPH
- Inlet: 2.385" ID (Fits up to 2" Schedule 40 PVC)
- Dimensions: 4" W x 10" D x 4" H
- Finishes: Copper Metallic Powdercoat (Available in Silver Metallic, Textured Rust & Custom Colors)

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