96" Smooth Water Spillway - Tan

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Create a water feature that will never be forgot.  Our Tomaso 96" waterfall spillway in Tan is the perfect addition to your pool build/remodel or fountain!  Spilling water in a cascading sheet from it's near invisible lip, the Tomaso 96" sheer descent style waterfall is sure to please!  Perfect for either waterwalls or for sheeting water, the Tomaso product line is versatile in effect and makes a big statement in your pool or fountain.  

The 84" Tomaso is a very versatile sheer descent spillway because of it's little amount of intrusion into wall designs.  Often these smooth water sheer descent spillways are build into walls covered in stacked stone, granite or tile, with the spillway nearly hidden.  This maintains aesthetics well when the spillway is not in use, as it is not detracting from the scenery.  

Manufactured from ABS plastic, these sheer descent spillways have the highest level of corrosion resistance in environments where heavy concentrations of chemicals can decompose the highest of qualities of metal.  

These cascading falls are baffled to ensure that water sheeting and distribution across the entire length of the sheer descent spillway is consistent.  The exterior of these spillways are slightly rough to ensure that they bond into place using mortar, construction adhesives or other means of attachment.



- Tomaso 96" Smooth Water Sheer Descent Spillway
- Durable 1/4" ABS Plastic Construction
- Baffled construction aids in perfect sheeting of water 
- Inlets: (2x) 1 1/2" PVC Male Slip on back (Bottom fed model has (3x) 1 1/2" PVC Male Slip)
- Water Flow: 720 GPH - 9600 GPH
- Dimensions: 96" W x 6" D (Inc Lip & PVC bung) x 3.5" H
- Color: Tan (Available in White & Gray)

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