1.5" Water Spout Mask - Copper Style


Remodel your water feature from old lion heads to the more appealing Waverly water spout mask in copper style finish.  As an easy and inexpensive way to update the water feature in your pool or fountain, the Waverly copper style glue on renovation water feature mask does not require any new plumbing or digging into walls.  It's as easy as removing your old undesirable water feature spouts or scuppers and replacing them with our mask products.  Your fountain or pool will instantly be transformed into a more modern and sophisticated water feature. 

Offered as a plumbed model, as well, the Waverly mask model is purposely built to be installed with adhesive and a sealing material such as silicone.  The provided bolts are added for the purposes of securing the water spout mask to your existing wall with adhesive, while the flat backplate allows for silicone sealant.  A baffle calms water as it enters the spout reducing spray and less than desirable water effects.

Manufactured in the USA from marine-grade stainless steel, then powdercoated with UV-resistant colors, these spouts are built to last.  The baffle inside the spout hides the unsightly inlet and plumbing, plus ensures water exits the spout pleasantly.  

Note:  This product is manufactured from stainless steel with a copper-style powdercoated finish.  This finish will not naturally patina and change colors as real copper material would.  Returns of this product for replacement in real copper are subject to our refund policy.


- Waverly 1.5" Round Water Fountain Spout Mask
- 316 Stainless Steel Construction
- Spray baffle to ensure laminar flow of water
- Flow Rate: 70 GPH - 150 GPH
- Projection: 6" - 8" at 24" Height & 140 GPH, 10" - 12" at 24" Height & 220 GPH
- Inlet: 1 1/2" Wide x 1 3/4" Tall Opening (Fits up to 1" PVC)
- Dimensions: 4" W x 2.5" D x 4" H
- Finishes:  Copper Metallic Powdercoat (Available in Brushed Stainless Steel, Real Copper, Silver Metallic, Textured Rust & Custom Colors) 

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